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Padlocks in Newport and Cardiff

We at Cardiff and Newport 24 Hour Locksmith stock a huge collection of various types and sizes of padlocks including: open shackle, armored padlocks, closed shackle, high security CEN grades 6 padlocks, and much more. At Cardiff and Newport 24 Hour Locksmith we also supply our own high security registered profile range of padlocks which are anti-pick, anti-drill, anti-bump and anti-snap.

We provide padlocks with master keys which enables several padlocks to work on the same key. The master key is such that it works in conjunction with other locks at your home or workplace.

Due to our years of experience we are often being called to open or replace padlocks to the main entrance gate of a company or construction site. We also cut extra keys on the site if more than one is required. So if you need to unlock a padlock or change or fit a new one in Newport or Cardiff then give a call to Cardiff and Newport 24 Hour Locksmith at 02920 501780 or 01633 759292.

We also offer discounts Senior Citizens and neighbourhood watch schemes.

CEN Insurance grade padlocks in Newport and Cardiff

Insurance companies usually specify to use a padlock with minimum security rating which may vary from one company to the other. But mostly they follow same set of basic requirements.

European CEN grade is the industry standard for padlock testing. There are 6 levels within the grade ranging from general use to high level security. These 6 levels are:
GRADE 6 - Maximum Security
GRADE 5 - Extra High Security
GRADE 4 - High Security
GRADE 3 - Medium / High Security
GRADE 2 - Standard Security
GRADE 1 - Low Security

CEN Level 6 padlocks are rarely used and have a starting price of £100 or more. The padlocks between Grade 3 to Grade 5 are for high security applications. The padlocks undergo a number of stringent tests that stimulate an attack in order to get graded. Environmental durability and human manipulation are not included within the tests.

Cardiff and Newport 24 Hour Locksmith Registered Profile Padlocks

The High Security Registered Profile Padlocks from Cardiff and Newport 24 Hour Locksmith are available in both open shackle as well as closed shackle. It is an extremely high security system consisting of a 6 pin mechanism along with a secondary side bar mechanism. We create unique keys that cannot be copied and hence adds to the security of the padlock. The padlocks are anti drill, anti pick and anti bump hence serves best for security.

If you have any query or if you want to incorporate a high security padlock for your company’s main entrance gate in Newport or Cardiff then contact Cardiff and Newport 24 Hour Locksmith today at 02920 501780 or 01633 759292.

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