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Aluminium Door Locks

Aluminium Door Locks
Aluminum Door Locks in Newport and Cardiff

Cardiff and Newport 24 Hour Locksmith specialize in working on all types of aluminum door locks in Newport and Cardiff. Our extremely experienced and highly trained engineers can arrive at site within no time, and open any broken or jammed Aluminum Door lock without causing any damage efficiently.

We also store a vast range of different types of Aluminum door locks on our mobile workshops which allow us to complete 95% of jobs on-site without the need for a return visit, resulting in lower costs to our customers and reduced overheads for ourselves.

We are also capable of replacing security Locks Cylinders and broken door handles on most Aluminum doors. Generally Aluminum Door locks are found more on commercial buildings such as shops, factories and business premises than residential properties. The most common type of aluminum door lock would be an Adams Rite deadlock latch or hook bolt lock.

We also offer discounts Senior Citizens and neighbourhood watch schemes.
Aluminium Door Locks

Opening Aluminum Door Locks

Often Aluminum doors are difficult to work on and open as they possess specialist commercial type lock mechanisms. Cardiff and Newport 24 Hour Locksmith have years of experience in opening all types of domestic and commercial aluminum door locks. We stock a huge selection of these locks on our mobile workshops.

Change Aluminum Door Locks in Newport and Cardiff

We at Cardiff and Newport 24 Hour Locksmith have been replacing aluminum door locks in the Cardiff area for years. We have keen knowledge on how to change aluminum door locks on shops, commercial buildings and homes, and stock almost every type of available aluminum door lock on our mobile workshops.

New Handles For Aluminum Doors

Cardiff and Newport 24 Hour Locksmith have a huge collection of Door handles for Aluminum doors. Therefore we can help you if your aluminum door lock handles are not working or have been damaged.

Want to open or replace an aluminum door lock at your home or business, contact Cardiff and Newport 24 Hour Locksmith at 02920 501780 or you can also ring us at 01633 759292.

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